Green Stripe InBalance Yoga/Pilates Bag

Why carry one bag for your Yoga Mat and one bag for the rest of the things you need for Yoga class, when one bag can carry everything? 


The InBalance Yoga mat bag was designed to be a backpack, which allows you to “balance” the weight across your back, instead of on just one shoulder.

A Yoga/Pilates Mat Bag for People on the Go

· Stay balanced and carry your mat and gear in one bag

· Breathable, sturdy mesh and cotton

· Available in a variety of fabric colors and designs

· Fits any size mat, provides extra balance for pre-natal yoga students

Price: $55.00

 Get Balanced, Stay Balanced


Fabric trim: emerald green, aqua, pink, purple cotton fabric with chinese character batik print and purple batik design.

Size: 16.5" high x 8" wide x 4.5" deep

Shoulder Straps: adjustable 21" to 38" black webbing

Mat Straps:  22"

Key hook

Snap closure

SKU/Item Number: 3233-205



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